About Us

Management Strategy

  • Offer an opportunity to participate in a Real Estate
    Investment Trust (REIT) with perpetual growth

    prospects that ensure sustainable, long-term income generation.

  • Maximizing profits through advanced risk, capital,
    and asset management

    Maximize income through advanced risk/capital/asset management services based on the in-depth knowledge and experience of our Sponsor, ESR, and its affiliates, ESR Kendall Square Inc., and Kendall Square REIT Management.

  • Development and value creation from real estate search
    through professional management personnel

    Create significant value through engaging in professionally-managed activities including sourcing, development (approvals, architectural designs, construction), operation, and risk management

  • Providing and revitalizing sound investment opportunities

    Promote a healthy investment environment through public offering of logistics center REIT that benefits from fast-growing e-Commerce industry.

ESR Kendall Square REIT Management Inc.